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Posts from February 2013

Your 2012 Oscar Ballot

The Oscar's are this Sunday and the means it's time for your annual Oscar ballot.  If you're in an office pool, having a party or just hanging out with your cat in your pj's by the TV, this is the best ballot out there.  This is the printable version!   Enjoy the show!!
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What 200 Calories Looks Like!

200 Calories of Fruit Loops

We are what we eat and lately I have been focusing on not just what I eat but how much I eat.   Portion control is so important when it comes to healthy eating!  For me the lines have gotten blurry.  If you've been wondering why it's so hard to lose weight, start with your portion sizes.  You'll be amazed at how many extra calories you may be eating everyday!  I found this great website with pictures of 200 calorie portions.  It seems that the healthier you eat the more you can eat!  Check it out here!

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