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"As Seen on TV" Products that Work and Don't

5 "as seen on TV" products that work:
  • Grill Daddy. This gadget is a heavy-duty grill brush that drips water through the brush, creating steam. It really works. It comes in several styles and truly can make a filthy grill rack pretty darned clean. You can find them online for $12 to $50, depending on the model.
  • Cold Fire. This is a handy aerosol fire extinguisher that is inexpensive, doesn't take up much space and actually works. Priced about $20.
  • Big Top Cupcake. This silicone baking set makes it easy to make a fancy and unusual cupcake-shaped cake. Seriously. Also about $20.
  • Yoshi Blade. It's a ceramic knife that really outperforms many of its metallic brethren. Just remember, though, it's a slicing knife, not a chopper. About $20. (And if you want to know more about knives for outdoor uses, see our new guide to deals on knives.)
  • Furminator. This pet grooming tool isn't cheap, but it seems to work pretty well. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles (hence the price variability, starting at $12).
5 "as seen on TV" products you can live without:
  • BarkOff. It's supposed to magically stop dogs from barking. Tell that to the dogs, if they can hear you over their barking. If you want to test it out anyway, you can order it for about $10.
  • Gyro Bowl. An interesting idea that gets a close-but-not-quite.​ The bowl is supposed to keep little ones from spilling their food as they toddle around. It can work for the less active kid, but forget about it if you've got one of those high-energy models. About $13.
  • Robo Stir. This thing is supposed to keep stirring your soup, gravy or whatever while you're busy elsewhere. Stick with the spoon. About $11.
  • Snazzy Napper. OK, it's a blanket with holes so you can still breathe while you're sleeping in some public place. Eeesh. Get a room. Prices start at $15.
  • Jupiter Jack. The idea is to turn your car radio into a cellphone speaker. But a lot of folks complain it just doesn't work or only works a little bit, some of the time. That's not something you want to deal with when the gadget is intended to help make your driving experience easier. About $10.

06/16/2011 5:52AM
"As Seen on TV" Products that Work and Don't
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06/16/2011 8:23AM
“As Seen on TV” Products that Work and Don’t | Cheap CarCheap Car
[...] grill brush that drips water through the brush, creating steam.Here is the original post: “As Seen on TV” Products that Work and Don’tRelated posts:“As Seen on TV” Products that Work and Don’tAll work and no play…Back From [...]
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