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"Who Dat Nation" Comes Through

I have to say this year's Super Bowl was one of the most enjoyable I've watched in a while, for several reasons. First, it was a close game. I'm always afraid of the game becoming a blowout early. I always like an entertaining matchup, no matter who I'm cheering for. Second, the commercials were fabulous this year. I think I laughed at almost all of them. Doritos House Rules was probably my favorite. Check it out here:,28804,1960734_1960750_1960751,00.html Also, I got to watch it with my son James, who usually visits me every other weekend. Nothing like sharing a pizza and an exciting football game with your son (especially since we were both cheering for the Saints). Ah, yes, the Saints! That was the best part: the underdog won! When Peyton Manning threw that interception late in the fourth quarter, I knew the game was over. I'm not a regular Saints fan, but who could resist rooting for them, particularly with what New Orleans has been through over the past few years. Yes, there is still a lot of work to be done to repair the damage Katrina did to the city. But, at least for a little while, the Saints have provided a nice distraction, not to mention a feel-good story. The partying will probably last a good while. To check out all the celebrating, visit this link: Who Dat!

02/08/2010 11:12AM
"Who Dat Nation" Comes Through
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