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Strange, But Cool Pet Names

VPI Pet Insurance went through the names of pets they insure, and then people voted on the "wackiest" ones.
I absolutely love a couple of these and will keep them if mind the new time I need to name a pet (like the 15 Betas we've had).
Here are some of them:

1. Pico De Gato
2. Chew Barka
3. Dingleberry
4. Nigel Nosewhistle
5. Dumpster Kitty
6. Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle
7. Schnikelfritz
8. Spark Pug
9. Koobenfargen
10. Agent 99
11. Sassy Pants Huska
12. Stinkerbell
13. Vincent Van Furrball
14. Vienna Sausage
15. Kitty Gaga
16. Furnace Hills Dante
17. Beefra
18. Senorita Margarita
19. Mister Bigglesworth
20. Trigonometry 

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08/01/2012 8:54AM
Strange, But Cool Pet Names
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08/01/2012 1:52PM
UNUSUAL PET NAMES....cutie pets!
Some names are really unique; it'd be cool to see pics of these pets!
08/04/2012 11:56PM
I'll stick with "Trinket"...
for my small , female, lap-ornament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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