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Sheryl Stewart

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Magazine is a Broken iPad

The baby girl in this video is a pretty accurate commentary on the future generation and their capacity to understand technology while failing to comprehend the simple things. Even at such a young age, she knows how to use her father's iPad, butflipping through a magazine is a huge challenge.
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Costumed Dad Embarrasses Son With Daily Wave to School Bus

There’s not much worse for a high school student than having your dad wave at you as you get on the school bus every morning. Just ask Rain Price, who is thrilled the school year is finally over.

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Funny Baby Video: (even without the audio)

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This kids dancing in the background is PRICELESS!

<a href="{from}&vid=b700d5fc-e20f-4f86-9776-e9dccc9200f3&from=dest_en-us&fg=dest" target="_new" title="Dancing Kid Steals Show">Video: Dancing Kid Steals Show</a>
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Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds.

They grow up so fast. Watch this time-lapse video of a German Shepherd named Dunder grow from a little eight-week-old puppy to a big one-year-old boy. The music in the background adds to the unbelievable cuteness.
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GREATEST Marriage Proposal EVER!

When Ginny went to the movies, she had no idea that one preview in particular would interest her so much. Her boyfriend made a fake movie trailer about the story of their love and featured him asking her father for her hand in marriage. Watch her reaction as she sees the movie trailer dedicated to her.
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Kitten's 1st Week of Life WARNING-EXTREMELY CUTE!

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If Lassie Were a Cat

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