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365 Day Exercise Timelapse

If only the results from working out came in as little amount of time as it takes to watch this video of a guy getting results from working out. <a href=" video&playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:c9b2bc48-0eb9-45c6-8821-4ab474ef1be2&showPlaylist=true&from=ol_en-us_msnhp&fg=MSNvideo_divoverlayplayer" target="_new" title="365 Day Exercise Timelapse">Video: 365 Day Exercise Timelapse</a>
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Little Mental Tricks to Help You Lose

My diet is moving along pretty well and as of this moment I have lost 25 pounds.  I found this article on the website fitbie that has helped so much.  One other thing that has helped is preplanning--we know when the trouble spots are for us during the course of a day, like 10am in the morning or 3pm in the afternoon for me, and I just make sure I have something preplanned to munch.   Here are some other great hints: Focus on short-term benefits Ignore the number on the scale and concentrate on immediate health benefits of weight loss, such as reduced pain in your back or hips. Focusing on short-term results may be the most effective motivator for losing weight, according to University of Cincinnati researchers. Don’t deny yourself Let yourself indulge on occasion, or else you may crash and burn. Researchers at Florida State University found that exhibiting restraint has its limits; once you activate self-control your willpower starts to fade. This is why it’s difficult to resist cravings 7 days a week. To avoid bingeing, Bronco suggests that you “allow yourself some treats here and there so you don’t build up so much mental pressure.” Research the menu Look at a restaurant’s menu online before going there to eat. “Don’t subject yourself to surprises,” says Michael Bronco, a personal trainer and creator of the DVD Simple Cooking Methods for Guys (and Gals!). He suggests looking for a venue with options for lean protein and green vegetables. So decide in advance what you will order and don’t stray from the plan. Picture yourself eating Visualizing yourself eating a specific meal might help you consume less of it, according to Carnegie Mellon University researchers. Their study found that repeatedly thinking about having a certain food may decrease your desire to actually eat it. Next time you’re waiting for the server to bring your order, imagine yourself savoring each bite of your entrée. Ask for a to-go box Bag half your dinner as soon as it arrives at the table. “This way, you’re not faced with sitting and chatting and picking at the second half of the meal you didn’t want to eat,” Machowsky says. And then you won’t have to figure out what to pack for lunch the next day. Eat first, shop later Munch on a snack before you step foot into a grocery store. “You’ll be much less susceptible to impulse purchases if you aren’t starving
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Get Your Kids to Eat Better By Letting Them Add ‘Secret’ Ingredients


Parents of picky eaters sometimes have to resort to trickery to get them to eat better. One "trick" that might encourage healthier appetites combines two techniques: enlisting kids' help with the cooking and mixing a sweet or surprise ingredient into the dish.

Modeling healthy eating habits and a positive attitude towards food should form the basis of your strategy for teaching your kids to eat well. Making your children eat what you eat and providing variety are also important.

But when your kids refuse, yet again, to eat what you offer and you start to fear they'll only eat chicken nuggets for the rest of their lives, you may be tempted to end the battle by smuggling healthy foods into dishes that they like, a la Jessica Seinfeld.

Perhaps you don't have to hide the healthy ingredients, though. Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan at the kitchn discovered one night that you can encourage your children to eat if you have them add the healthy ingredient into the dish (e.g., an apple in squash soup)—making it an intriguing game. It might not work every time, but getting your kids involved in the kitchen and making cooking fun is definitely worth a try (perhaps before you resort to hiding zucchini in brownies)

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