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BEST HALLOWEEN LIGHTS OF 2011????? I vote yes

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Dust Devil hits a Bounce House

Wind sweeps away a bounce house during an Arizona school's fifth-grade graduation party. At least no one was in it, and people only received minor injuries.
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Wow! I want one--day old polar bear cub

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Living in 90 Square feet - it's doable if you're organized.

Someone sent me this video to check out and it haunted me. I thought about "being organized" and "doing with less", but this is taking it too far to the extreme. At least she seems really happy.
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Colors to her vs Colors for him

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Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation

They bring up some really interesting points.... I have to agree with two-socked one though. There was no arguing when he said, "DaDaDADADADA!"
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Castle Brought to Life with 3D Projection

This would be incredible to see in-person! The Gorey Castle in the Bailiwick of Jersey played background to an incredibly cool 3D projection show.
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Love notes cleared from Juliet's Walls

The house of Shakespeare's most famous muse is being cleaned of love sticky notes.
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This looks real - Novak Djokovic Plays Tennis on the Wings of a Plane?

Now that he’s overtaken Roger Federer as #2 tennis player in the world and is unbeaten this year, has Novak Djokovic lost his mind? One can deduce such a thing after watching this latest stunt promoting Head tennis racquets that features the Serb (or a stunt double) playing a quick back-and-forth on the wings of an airplane.
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A skiing nightmare that turns out ok!

I first saw this and only saw the part where his skis flew off, I thought he was seriously hurt or worse, then I searched and found the after landing scene and couldn't believe he was not hurt. Amazing!
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Father's Day is Right Around the Corner!

THE REMOTE CONTROLLED BEER COOLER Father's Day is still more than two months away but maybe, just maybe, you can convince your wife or kids to give you an ADVANCE on your gift and get your hands on a remote controlled beer cooler. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a remote-controlled, rolling beer cooler for just $69.95. It's got wheels. It's got a lining to keep your drinks cold. It can go on a porch. It can go in a living room. You can drive your beer to yourself and to your buddies. And, considering we've still got March Madness to enjoy until the championship game on April 4th, now is the PERFECT time to have this toy.
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The Perfect Chair for Love

From Gizmodo

You know those cool guys who have their girlfriend sit on their lap? They are in pain unless they have this concept Hug Chair, a chair that lets your sweetie look and feel like someone is sitting on your lap but is actually buffered away on another part of the chair (on top, but not on top). And hey, if you don't have someone who wants to sit on your lap, it makes for a good laptop stand too
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