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Posts from December 2011

Exercise When it's Cold Outside?
Kinect for Xbox 360 - Ava and Sesame Street's Once Upon a Monster

I am so happy with my Kinect for Xbox 360, it's so much more than a gaming system, it's like a total immersion into another world--plus it gets these kids off their butts!

Kinectimals-now with Bears, is my 6 year-old's favorite, she and her friends absolutely love playing this game. In fact I have to ration their playing time because they could play for hours if I let them.   The animals are so cute and the activities are a blast.

With Kinect: Disneyland Adventures its a priceless feeling watching your children's faces light up with excitement and anticipation when they see their favorite Disney Characters. Both my kids have been in Heaven just exploring the park and talking and hugging the characters.
Game Play is fun and challenging for all levels. basically your goal is to complete various tasks that the characters ask you to help with. Such as Cinderella asks you to help her find needle and thread to make a dress or Brier Fox asks you to take pictures of Brier Rabbits footprints . So its like a big scavenger hunt all over the park.

And don't forget with Kinect for Xbox 360 you are the controller, no wires needed.

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Great Georgetown Lightshow

Georgetown, TX 78628

Hey Alex,
        Let me start by saying thank you for taking time to read this email. We have a home that is decorated with over 20000 lights in Georgetown Texas synchronized to a very unique mega mix. But the amazing part is that we have joined forces with a local charity called “The Georgetown Project” it is an organization that helps homeless youth in Central Texas. The youth are enrolled in school and manage to continue their schooling even with the trials and tribulations of being homeless. The Georgetown Project has started a new chapter in the lives of these children. ”The Nest” opened earlier this year “The Nest” is a place for the homeless youth to be able to have access to computers and printers to complete homework assignments, get a hot meal, talk to counselors, and take a hot shower. It is an amazing place but they are in need of more help. That’s where our light show comes in We have been decorating our home for over 12 years. We realized that with the amount of cars that come by to see the show that the show could maybe do something more than just entertain. So we are now taking donations for the charity. It would be great if you could mention on your show to try and get more traffic which in turn could draw more donations for the Georgetown Project. . Any help would be very much appreciated.
                                                                                                                                                                        Sincerely Scot Schmidt

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