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Austin's Own Miss America

Most of us are familiar with the Miss America pageant, which has been crowning winners from all over the country since 1921. There is another pageant you may not be as familiar with, but is no less important in its concept. The Miss Plus America pageant is dedicated to celebrating the inner beauty of women, along with their commitment to the communities in which they live, and the 2011 Miss Plus America Elite winner lives here in Austin. Spruce Dickerson competed with women from all over the United States last month to capture the Miss Plus America Elite crown, which is the highest honor in the Miss Plus America pageant system. I first met Spruce several months ago, when we were paired as co-emcees for the Statewide Independent Living Council Convention. Her positive, energetic personality and passion for advocating for the voice of plus-sized women is both refreshing and unmistakable. "All women are worthy, and all women have a voice," she told me as we talked in my office recently. "It doesn't matter what our size is. All women are beautiful." Her mantra: "love who you are, where you are." All contestants are required to choose a platform, and Spruce chose volunteerism, because, as she put it, "I already do that. It's not a hat that I put on and take off. My life is volunteerism." Spruce is excited about her opportunity to represent the Miss Plus America Elite crown, which is not affiliated with the Miss America contest. She will have numerous opportunities throughout the year to promote her volunteerism platform, and her theme, "give... so that others can live." In December, she will travel to Nigeria to speak and emcee at the Miss Plus Nigeria pageant. While there, she will visit orphanages and schools, where she'll be passing out school supplies. She is also currently working on a campaign called Flip Flop To Nigeria, to collect flip flops to hand out to people during her visit. For more information about Spruce, or to line her up for a guest appearance, email Melissa Stamper at: You may also visit Spruce's website at:

08/09/2011 3:56PM
Austin's Own Miss America
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11/06/2011 5:49PM
I think these pageants are sexist and outrageously outdated....I have yet to watch the Mr America pageant, and until such time as there is one, I guess the Miss America thing is off my list....
04/16/2012 12:18AM
Answer to HospiceNurse
Hello HospiceNurse, Thank you for your comment, and I'm so glad you did. Our pageant's voice is for the full figured woman; a voice that IS suppressed by society. We have, and are, taking a stand for the voiceless. If there is a community who isn't being represented, then start that movement. That's what it takes to combat suppression. That's what the Miss Plus America director did. She took the bull by the horns, and started her own pageant to give a voice to women who ARE worthy. Start the Mr. America pageant. That would be great! And, do please support us. We need the support from those who want to combat society's view of what beauty is. Thank you! Spruce!__elite
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