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Balance Expo 2009!!

I wanted to thank all of you who came to our wonderful Balance Expo 2000 at the Palmer Events Center this weekend!  It was great to meet so many of our Majic listeners and our fantastic guests! In case you missed it or could not be there for everything, I've posted some of my favorite pictures and some backstage tid bits for you!  Enjoy them and we hope to see you again next year!! My daughter Kate, Kate Gosselin and me! Kate Gosselin is the most sincere and lovely person.  You could tell all of this was hard for her, but she was here and so nice to everyone.  I wish her nothing but the best.  FYI, she likes to eat healthy and we made sure to stop at Whole Foods so she could get her favorite yogurt, (Stonyfield) and granola.  Eating right show's, she looks fantastic! MJO and me! Michael John's or MJO as his fans call him, is a wonderfu and down to earth guy!  His wife is from Ft. Worth and he actually changes his plane reservations while he was backstage so he could stop into Dallas to visit his inlaws!  He warmed up by playing "Across The Universe" by the Beatles and told me his Gibson guitar has never needed tuning since he has had it! Michale also brought his dog David Puddy with him.  David is a Frenchie and charmed everyone backstage.  The name if from a Seinfeld character and Michael is a big fan of the show. How cute is this dog!! Also thanks to Michael's fans for traveling from far away and surprising him with his favorite Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwhich! Michael loved the Chic-Fil-A!! Dr. Laura is truly a force of nature!  She does it all and is so full of energy and fun!  She loves to shop in SoCo when she is Austin.  She loves the cowboy boots!  She treated the audience to some incredible yoga demonstrations!! The amazing Dr. Laura! Life Coach Ann Daly is a wonderful and inspirational speaker!  She has a wonderful book out called "Clarity" and I have just started reading it!  You should too! The wonderul Ann Daly!!

08/10/2009 11:30AM
Balance Expo 2009!!
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