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Dreaming Of Road Rage

I've only driven a car once in my life (when you're blind, you don't exactly get many opportunities to do such a thing). It was over 15 years ago, in a deserted mall parking lot late at night on Christmas Eve, and I travelled at a grand speed of 17 miles an hour, with a sighted friend telling me when to turn or stop. She and her daughter even videotaped it for me. Therefore, I have no idea why I had a dream the other night about driving a car. Not just driving, mind you, but becoming angry at another driver to the point of wanting to ram her car! I dreamed I went to the grocery store with a friend. As I walked out of the store, some lady started making fun of me being blind, got in a Cadillac, and started to drive away. At that point, I was so mad I jumped in the car of the person I was with, and began chasing after the Cadillac. Let me tell you: in this dream, I was going a whole lot faster than mph17, and there were plenty of other cars in the parking lot! But, you know how dreams are; they are often fragmented, and don't always make much sense on the surface. One would think that I hit one car after another trying to get to this Cadillac, but I kept missing them, including the car I was after. That's how it ended. I never caught up with the lady, thankfully. But it definitely left me wondering what it all meant. I'm not a violent person by nature, and I certainly don't promote road rage. I don't even have a problem with people who drive Cadillacs; my mom drives a used one. I'm no Sigmund Freud, but it probably has to do with my sensitivity toward being made fun of regarding my blindness. It's something I've come to expect, but naturally no one likes to be poked fun at about something they have no control over, right? Or maybe I just wanted to prove to this snobby lady that I wasn't helpless, and would show her by chasing her down. Whatever the meaning, it sure makes for a great story! What's the craziest dream you've ever had? I'd love to hear about it.

04/08/2010 11:25AM
Dreaming Of Road Rage
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