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GPS, is that Geeky or what?

Spent all day yesterday at the phone store trying to upgrade my phone.  This one has GPS built into it and I can't wait to get on the road with it.  We talked on the air about cell phone addiction, and while I may be a victim, it's not because I'm doing a lot of talking.  I use the heck out of the email and internet--and now I'm sure the GPS. By the way, here are some of the signs of cell phone addiction:
Are you addicted to your cellphone or Blackberry? Is it time you hung up that Bluetooth headset? Sure, there's nothing wrong with checking office voicemail on a Saturday afternoon -- we're all guilty of it now and again. But if you're guilty of any of these cellphone signs, a little tech-free time in the country would probably do some good: 1. You plan your commute around cellphone signal dead zones.2. This question always comes up on a first date: "Who's your cellphone provider?" Worse: Depending on the other person's answer, there might not be a second date. 3. You can't go to the bathroom without it.4. You read tech forums. 5. You can send an e-mail or text message behind your back while listening to Bob drone on about how performance is trending upward -- all without spelling errors. 6. If you accidentally leave your cellphone at home, it's a major emergency that requires you turning around and driving through another hour of rush-hour traffic to get it.

09/03/2008 8:43AM
GPS, is that Geeky or what?
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