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Good Vibes

  I've always been fascinated with how composers come up with material for songs.  It can be as simple as a sign on a billboard, or a personal experience. 

  February 18, 1966 was the day Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys recorded "Good Vibrations", a song that would hit number one later that year. 

  Though not known for being a great performer live, Wilson was definitely one of the best songwriters of the pop era.  Born in Hawthorne, California, he wrote the song based on something his mother had told him as a child: that dogs could pick up "vibrations" from people.  This would cause the dog to bark at "bad vibrations". 

  How about that?  All Wilson had to do was change the "bad" part to "good", and he had a hit song, the group's third number one. 

  Enjoy the music! 

02/18/2009 2:40PM
Good Vibes
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