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Gov. Palin's Moose Recipes

Moose Having been named McCain's running mate, every website is all over the "Ten Things You Didn't know About Sarah Palin".  Included in these lists is the fact that her favorite meal is moose stew. Moose seem like the gentle giants of the great North, so why eat them? Truth be told, probably because they taste better than other red meats -- at least according to the Gastronomy612 weblog.  Moose are leaner, and have the good poly unsaturated fats, but this also means that if you are so lucky to acquire some moose meat, you should be extra careful in your method of cooking since it may dry out quicker.  It is often cooked in the same ways one would grill/cook a venison, bison or other game meat and could be dressed the same way with berry sauces or other liquid agents. Hey, I know you're dying for the recipe for Gov. Palin's favorite dish, so here it is!  (Sorry, Bullwinkle!) Moose Stew: 3 sl bacon, cut up 4 md onions, quartered 4 md potatoes, quartered 1 pk fresh or frozen green beans 3 bay leaves 2 lb moose, cubed 4 carrots, sliced 1 pk fresh or frozen peas 1 (46 oz.) can tomato juice Brown bacon in heavy kettle. Add meat and brown on all sides. Add onions and saute. Add all remaining ingredients and simmer 1 hour or until flavors are mixed and vegetables and meat are tender. Remove bay leaves. For more moose recipes (including "Braised Moose," "Moose Pie," and I kid you not, something called "Moose Nose in Jelly!") click here.

09/03/2008 10:32PM
Gov. Palin's Moose Recipes
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