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He's not the Captain

But he just maybe the most popular guy on board!


12/10/2012 8:26PM
He's not the Captain
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03/06/2013 11:40AM
My Idol
As a little girl having to grow up in a lot of foster homes I always dreamed of meeting Mickey Mouse in person. I would cry when I see the TV Commercials of the kids hugging him and I couldn't. Now as a adult in my 50's I already know I will never be able to meet My Mickey in person and I still cry when I see him on TV Commercials today! My Dream never became a reality so I must deal with it and move on. I must share that I do have a lot of Mickey items through out my room, living in this hotel room because I can't find anything I can afford. My room is mostly Mickey, from my window curtains to my bed wear, pajamas & robe, bathroom covered with Mickey, and I did have a watch with Mickey but someone stole it from me, and yes i cried for days! I Love My Mickey so much and I still dream of meeting him but I know now that this is only a DREAM!!! :(
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