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Investment Strategy!!

I was doing the math this past weekend on how much money I have saved since I had my blade free Lasik done with the Mann Eye Institute back in April. After a little over 4 months I have saved almost $600!! This amount covers everything from my eye exams - $150 , to new contact lenses $129.98 , solutions $35, and my designer "prescription" sunglasses at $275!! By the end of this year I will most likely save nearly $2000!! I am taking that money and investing more in my 401K this year!!  My payment plan with Mann Eye Institute fits my budget and by early next year I will have paid for it all! Remember once you have blade free Lasik the correction to your eyes is permanent, your prescription will not change over and over again, it really is amazing!!

Blade free Lasik at the Mann Eye Institute has been the best investment I have made in a long time and the benefits will pay dividends for the rest of my life!! Right now the economy has made investing tricky at best, isn't it time you invested in something where the payoff is instant and the benefits last a lifetime? Call the Mann Eye Institute at 1-800-MY VISION and schedule your free consultation. It only takes a few minutes and they have weekend and evening appointments available to fit into your schedule!! Make an investment in your vision today, you are worth it!!

08/20/2008 11:06PM
Investment Strategy!!
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09/13/2008 10:00AM
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12/31/2008 12:32AM
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