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The Inauguration this week was certainly a cause for celebration no matter which way you voted!  Change has come to America and can come to your favorite photo's too!  I found this online and it is so much fun!  It is an Obamicon!  What is that you ask?  Artist Shepard Fairey created the iconic Barack Obama poster used during the Presidential campaign,  Now you can take your favorite picture and turn it into a piece of art you can put on your website, a coffee mug, stamps...the list goes on and on.  I have posted the original poster and my own Obamicon.  It is alot of fun and you can join and make your own absolutley free!  Just go to Obamiconme.Pastemagazine.com!  Have fun!! obomicon-majic.jpgobama1.jpg

01/22/2009 10:05PM
Just For Fun
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