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Litigation Lindsay

Remember the E-Trade Babies commercial featured in this year's Super Bowl and the recently completed Winter Olympics in Vancouver? Lindsay Lohan certainly hasn't forgotten. In fact, the actress has filed a lawsuit claiming the Wall Street firm TV ad was taking a swipe at her. Though her full name wasn't mentioned in the ad, Lohan's attorney claims that "Lindsay" is an equally recognizable moniker for her client, like "Oprah" or "Madonna". Lohan's substance abuse problems have been well-documented, so perhaps the ad was taking a shot at her. But the babies do not resemble her in appearance. As for the name being totally synonymous with her? Ok, quick! How many Oprahs or Madonnas do you know personally? Probably not many. Now, how many Lindsays (or even Lindseys) have you met? I can name quite a few; in fact, I work with one here at the station. This is one suit that might be hard to prove. But then again, you never know. Gosh, I sure hope she doesn't come after me for blogging about her!

03/10/2010 12:45PM
Litigation Lindsay
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