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Lost Songs of the '70s

Below are videos we dug up of songs from the 1970's that will make you go "oh wow, I remember that one!" Sammy Davis Jr.-The Candy Man It's Sammy, baby! Doing his #1 hit from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Try NOT to smile and sing a long...I bet you know every word! David Naughton-Makin' It David was the guy from the "I'm a Pepper" Dr. Pepper TV commericals. David actually had a brief TV show based on this song. Andy Gibb-Love Is Thicker Than Water Andy Gibb. Died so young of a drug overdose. In the late '70s he had gotten as big as his brothers, the Bee Gees. Do you remember that he was also the host for a brief time of "Solid Gold"? The Babys-Isn't It Time Lead singer John Waite became famous as a solo act in the '80s with his song "Missing You." However, with the Babys he had two big hits...Everytime I Think of You and this one. Olivia Newton-John-Deeper Than the Night In the latter part of the '70s Olivia's career was on fire. Grease, Xanadu (oops)...this song got high on the charts but is one of her forgotten hits...and she looks beautiful in the video. John Travolta-Let Her In Uh, speaking of Grease, remember John Travolta's brief solo career? This song came out prior to Grease and Saturday Night Fever, during his Vinnie Barbarino days on Welcome Back Kotter. Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods-Billy Don't Be a Hero She warned him not to be a hero...of course, Billy wouldn't listen. Did she grieve when he died? No...she threw the letter informing her of his death away. Brick-Dazz "Dazz" was the combination of disco and jazz. This song remains one of the funkiest tunes ever, although often lost in the discussion of the biggest funk songs of the '70s...and check out the FLUTE solo! Salicat-Motorcylce Mama You get serious extra credit if you remember this hit from 1972! Maxine Nightingale-Lead Me On One of the slow dance favorites at the discos in 1979. Not only do you get to see Maxine in the video but you get Dick Clark from American Bandstand too! Earlier in her career Maxine had a huge hit with "Right Back Where We Started From." Sanford Townsend Band-Smoke From A Distant Fire A one hit wonder for sure...this song with the wailin' sax shot up to number one. Everyone expected big things from them but they never produced another big hit. Shaun Cassidy-That's Rock N Roll Teen Idol David Cassidy's younger brother Shaun had a brief career of his own, starring on TV's "Hardy Boys" and burnin' up the music charts with "Hey Deanie", Da Do Ron Ron" and this one. Burton Cummings-Stand Tall Burton sang for the Canadian rock band The Guess Who before launching a solo career with this song. Crystal Gayle-Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Remember her amazing long hair? Meatloaf-Two Out of Three Ain't Bad This song was so different and completely stood out from everything else on the radio. Coven-One Tin Soldier From the movie "Billy Jack". The Sweet-Little Willy The Sweet had other hits such as "Love is Like Oxygen", "Fox on the Run" and "Ballroom Blitz." Their outfits and hair were pure early '70s glam. The Floaters-Float On Yes! Remember this one? Each of the singers reveals his Zodiac sign and tells the ladies why they should go with them to love land. Roger Voudouris-Get Used To It Roger came and went in a flash...maybe it was because his last name was hard to pronounce. Randy VanWarmer-Just When I Needed You Most OK, wimpy and whiney...but the guy did have a crystal clear voice! Ozark Mountain Daredevils-Jackie Blue "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" was another hit by OMD...Jackie Blue was their biggest. Tavares-It Only Takes A Minute They brought you "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel", a version of "More Than A Woman" and this "timeless" song. David Dundas-Jeans On This song started off as a commercial jingle in England...and we all know England's jingles are our hit songs. Michael Jackson-Ben Michael sings the theme song from a movie about a rat. Patrick Hernandez-Born To Be Alive We were born to be alive. When it came to disco, lyrics were for the most part irrelevant. Bobby Sherman-Easy Come, Easy Go Bobby! The early '70s teen idol dances his way back into your heart! Leo Sayer-Long Tall Glasses I know you remember "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and "When I Need You", but do you remember this one, his first chart hit from 1975? Sniff 'N the Tears-Driver's Seat A very cool song that belongs on your ipod. Leif Garrett-I Was Made For Dancing All all all all night long. Roger Whitaker-The Last Farewell When you hear this one again, it will be hard for you to believe that not only did this song make the top 40 charts but was a BIG hit! Jigsaw-Sky High 1975 was a pivotal year in '70s music...disco was getting huge with KC and the Sunshine Band and others. You had everything from country (Rhinestone Cowboy) to rock (Bad Company) to disco and pop. Britain's Jigsaw hit number 3 with this one hit wonder. Edison Lighthouse-Love Grows(Where My Rosemary Goes) Mainly a group of studio musicians from England who performed and had hit songs as several different groups. Lead singer Tony Burrows is NOT the guy in this video. For some reason there was no Milli Vannilli fallout over that back in the day. Reunion-Life Is A Rock(But the Radio Rolled Me) We radio people love songs about radio. This fast-talker mentions a catalog of artists from the era. Can you keep up with him? I'll start you off...BB Bumble and the Stingers, Mott the Hoople, Ray Charles you're on your own! Michael Johnson-Bluer Than Blue Now, THIS is how to do a sad song. LTD-Back In Love Again LTD came along in the funky mid-to-late 70's when bands like the Commodores and Parliament were all over the airwaves. Lead singer Jeffrey Osborne later left the group and had a successful solo career. Carpenters-We've Only Just Begun OK, so maybe Karin Capenter dressed like she was auditioning for Little House on the Prairie...but did she not have the greatest voice in pop music history? Climax Blues Band-Couldn't Get It Right Speaking of voices, the lead singer for CBB had a very cool set of pipes too. Bee Gees-Nights On Broadway Not one of their first hits that come to mind---the Saturday Night Fever songs are most remembered...but this one and Jive Talkin' are the songs that brought the Bee Gees back to the US charts in 1975. Leblanc and Carr-Falling These guys almost look too cool to sing such a sweet and syrupy song. Do you remember it? Dr. Hook-Sharing The Night Together The same guys that gave you "Cover of the Rolling Stone" swept us off our feet in 1978 with this one. Stampeders-Sweet City Woman When you watch the video you'll see that this band was a big deal in Canada but had only one hit in the US. Possibly the only hit song ever to mention macaroons. Bay City Rollers-Saturday Night The tartan invasion! Defranco Family-Heartbeat It's a Love Beat The kid was ripping off Donnie Osmond and the rest were channeling the Partridge Family. Pay special attention to the dance may need them in group therapy some day. Donnie Osmond-Puppy Love Since we played the kid who ripped off Donnie, we feel obligated to give the Dancing with the Stars champion his due here. Gino Vanelli-I Just Wanna Stop It was all about the hair. There you have it! What other lost songs would you love to see and hear again?

05/24/2010 11:40AM
Lost Songs of the '70s
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07/24/2015 10:10AM
"lost songs"? Ridiculous.... if you were born before 1970 (OR have a passion for music) there's nothing "lost" in this complete list..
03/03/2016 4:46PM
some gems in there, particularly the obscure ones
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