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Majic's list of the top 25 TV commercials ever!

25. Taco Bell "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" It got old after a while, but that little dog sure was cute at first!   24. Isuzu "Joe Isuzu" This was the guy who couldn't tell the truth...he lasted for quite a while.   23. Oscar Meyer "Baloney" Cute kid sings the Oscar Meyer Bologna jingle   22. Budweiser "Frogs" Bud....Weis....Errr. This clip includes not only the frogs, but the follow-up commercials with Louie the lizard and the ferret. You're going to love these!   21. Xerox "Monks" Funny Xerox commercial where Brother Dominic is asked to handwrite 500 copies of a report...instead, he goes to Xerox. Ran originally during the 1976 Super Bowl.   20. Levi's 501 Blues Levi's was strong in producing commercials in the '70s and '80s. They launched their 501 Blues brand in the early '80s with a fun lifestyle campaign. 19. Pepsi "Security Cam" The Coke guy gets caught grabbing a Pepsi. Great touch with Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart". 18. Nike "Bad Things" This was a string of excellent and weird commercials starring Dennis Hopper. 17. Keep America Beautiful "Native American" The famous commercial with the tear at the end. Do you remember when people would just throw trash out of their car window? 16. Nike "Bo Jackson" Bo, you don't know Diddly! 15. The Heart Association "Like Father Like Son" An anti-smoking campaign from the late 60s's that packed a whallop. 14. Alka Seltzer "Prison" The prisoners don't want food, they want Alka Seltzer! 13. California Milk Board "Aaron Burr" This began the "got milk?" campaign and is still the best and funniest. The guy has a dry mouth and knows the answer to a radio contest...roll the tape. 12. Coca Cola "Hilltop" Coke gathered young adults from all over the world, placed them on a hilltop in Italy, in hopes that they would teach the world to sing their new jingle. It worked. 11. Partnership for a Drug-Free America "This is Your Brain" This is your brain, if you're an egg-head. 10. Life Cereal "Mikey" He'll won't eat anything.Check out those cool Fisher Price toys at the end. 9. Wendy's "Where's the Beef" Famous commercial featuring Clara Peller. 8. Miller Lite "The Front Row" This one's the most memorable. (Hard video to find. The hunt is on  for 'Front Row' w/ Mr. Baseball)...Bob Uecker starred in many of the great taste, less filling commercials.    Here's one to hold ya over.. 7. Coca Cola "Mean Joe" Mean Joe Greene gives a kid his jersey. 6. American Tourister "Gorilla" Have we got a suitcase for you! Oh and check the price! 5. Volkswagen "Snowplow" How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work? 4. Federal Express "Fast Paced World" The commercial with the fast talking guy. Peter I'm putting you in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh's perfect Peter, can I call you Pete. 3. Volkswagen "Funeral" Last will and testament. 2. Alka Seltzer "Mama Mia" It ain't easy doing a commercial! 1. Apple "1984" This ad ran only once...during the 1984 Super Bowl...I remember being at a Super Bowl party, and after the ad ran, it got a standing ovation! The commercial arguably began the computer age.

10/24/2010 11:00PM
Majic's list of the top 25 TV commercials ever!
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