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Do you live in one of America's most active cities? Whether it's nightlife or the outdoors, most cities claim to have a lot to offer. But a list of the available activities doesn't necessarily reveal what a city's residents are actually doing. A new study has now ranked cities based on the ratio of people who attend events, including parties, classes, seminars, music festivals, marathons and more. Eventbrite looked at America's 50 largest cities to measure how many residents lead active lives.

... Some of the largest cities in the country, including New York City and Los Angeles, didn't even make it in the top 10. New York came in 20th, and Los Angeles ranked 25th.

 1. Atlanta, Ga.

 2. Washington, D.C.

 3. San Francisco, Calif.

 4. Austin, Texas

 5. Seattle, Wash.

 6. Portland, Ore.

 7. Minneapolis, Minn.

 8. Boston, Mass.

 9. Las Vegas, Nev.

10. Denver, Colo.

... The study also found that we get more active as we get older. People over the age of 60 were more likely to say they "live life to the fullest most days."
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What Year Am I?
March 26th 2014

Actor Danny Devito (37) weds actress Rhea Perlman (33)

Lee Majors & Farrah Fawcett Majors divorce

We lose John Belushi, comedian (Sat Night Live), dies of drug overdose at 33 and Paul Lynde, comedian (Uncle Arthur-Bewitched), dies at 55

Born this year, Jessica Biel, Prince William, Anne hathaway and Lee Ann Rimes

Movie "Annie" premieres

Ground-breaking in Washington, DC for Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder release "Ebony & Ivory" in the UK

On television we're watching Cheers, Nightrider and Family Ties" & Late Night With David Letterman" debuts on NBC-TV

And the number one song on this day was Physical by Olivia Newton John!
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