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 noodle.jpg NO CALORIE NOODLES The low-carb craze really broke some hearts in this world because, honestly, who doesn't love pasta?Hearing that pasta goes straight to your waistline turned something fun and delicious into just another thing to feel guilty about.How great would it be if you could eat all the pasta you wanted -- and not gain a pound? It might be possible, if the claims of the makers of the "Miracle Noodle" are true. Miracle Noodles are made with special Konjac flour, which come from a plant root similar to a yam. And, best of all, they have no calories because they're pretty much filled with nothing but high soluble plant fiber, which slows down digestion and gives you a long feeling of fullness. What one food do you wish had zero calories? How much and how often do you think you could eat this food if you had no fear of gaining 600 pounds? Check It Out: More information about Miracle Noodles can be found here.

03/18/2009 4:56AM
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