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Not So Private Anymore

I love the Internet. No question. It has opened doors to so many things and more information than we could only dream about years ago. Facebook is one of the sites I find myself logging onto more and more each day; I've even been able to connect with friends I haven't seen since high school (no, I won't tell how long ago that's been). But the following news item is a reminder of how careful we need to be about what we share on the Web, whether it's Facebook or an online store. We also need to stay in the know about where our personal information is going, and what we can do about it. Here's a story I came across concerning Facebook's sharing of information with other sites, and some lawmakers who are concerned about it.

04/28/2010 1:50PM
Not So Private Anymore
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05/03/2010 4:27AM
great post as usual!
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