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Extreme Home Makeover Comes To Bastrop!

Here is the post I did last year when I was on the set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Bastrop.  The Zdroj family had lost everything in the 2011 wildfires and the wonderful team with Extreme Home Makeover built them a brand new home!!  The show was cancelled shortly after the Bastrop taping but the producers told me they would air it during the 2012 holiday season.  Well, the wait is over!!  Extreme Make Over Holiday Edition airs tonight at 8pm on ABC and you will get to see the the Zdroj family of Bastrop say "Move That Bus"!!  Below is my original post with pictures from last year!!

It really was a heartwarming experience!  Enjoy it with your family tonight! - Terri

I had an amazing day yesterday in Bastrop!  I was able to be on the set of Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition to see them put the final touches on the beautiful home they built for the very deserving Zdroj family.   I have never seen so many people in one place coming together for such a great cause. The family is going to see there home for the first time today and the episode will air a year from now during the holiday season!  Check out my pictures below and get a first look at the fabulous Zdroj home!

While we were on the set we met our fantastic tour guide Gregg was able to show us the process of building a home and putting it all together.  It's like the circus coming to town, setting up tents and getting the job done!  We had a fantastic catered meal from a local restaurant and got to hang out with some of the cast and producers.  Everything is donated and you could feel all of the positive energy and excitement too!!

All of the designers and producers live in these donated trailers.  Ty Pennington's is the one in the middle with the green windshield.  

This is Gregg our wonderful tour guide!  He said they had just build 7 new homes in Joplin , Missouri which was hit hard by tornadoes this past summer.  They are headed to Knoxville, Tennessee later this week to build another new home for a deserving family! 

My favorite furniture store, The Home Consignment Center furnished the entire Zdroj family home!!  I spoke with Vanessa Price the Senior Design Producer for Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition and she told me that this is the first time in the 9 year history of the show that they had used just one store to furnish and entire home.!!  She told me she had never seen such a great selection of furniture and that they had everythng they needed is stock!  Like me,  she is a huge fan of The Home Consignment Center!!   Karen and Kristen, the wonderful mother/daughter team at the store were on hand to stage the new home too!!

This is one of my favorite pieces picked for the Zdroj home from The Home Consignment

This is just some of the gorgeous furniture getting ready to be loaded on the truck and into the new Zdorj home!

12/14/2011 8:04PM
Extreme Home Makeover Comes To Bastrop!
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12/14/2011 8:32PM
Extreme Home Makeover Comes to Bastrop!
Looks like you had a real great learning experience. You did a fine job reporting your day. Take care. Talk to you soon. Dad
12/14/2011 10:10PM
Extreme Home Makeover Comes to Bastrop!
How exciting - Glad you got to be there
12/22/2012 9:26PM
Extreme home makeover
Always love the show and how mutch they care for others that need help.:)
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