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Order-from-your-seat at Erwin Center

Snacks can be ordered via cell phone using app

AUSTIN (KXAN) - There are two minutes left on the clock during a heated University of Texas basketball game at the Erwin Center when hunger pangs strike. You want a hot dog, a soda, maybe some popcorn and even nachos. The internal debate begins.  You either rush to the concession stand, face a long line and miss a critical moment of the game or sit hungry and miserable as your stomach rumbles. Thanks to new technology that made its debut Saturday, the days of debating are over. The new " Bypass Lane " app for smartphones lets sports and music fans order food and drinks from their seats. A text message alerts you when your order is ready to pickup  and there's no long line to wait in because you can also pay from your phone. WATCH A "BYPASS LANE" DEMO VIDEO LOCATED UNDER  VIDEO CLIPS "The number of fans we get using the Bypass Lane has been fantastic and the experience that they have being able to stay in the action and watch the game and enjoy the concert, has been a real game-changer," said Brandon Lloyd, Bypass Lane president. Lane said customers can use this app for free because JetBlue is subsidizing the 99 cent cost. The Erwin Center is the third collegiate venue to go live with this free service. It's also up and running at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock .

01/18/2011 7:25AM
Order-from-your-seat at Erwin Center
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