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Out Of Sight

I've never been one to take myself or my blindness too seriously. That's not to say i don't get frustrated because I can't drive myself somewhere or get turned around and have to get assistance from someone. But I've never been shy about poking fun at myself or making "blind jokes". People who don't know me well typically are hesitant to make a funny comment or pun about me being blind. I usually don't mind, but you always want to make sure it's in good taste, and it probably feels more comfortable when you know the person better. Then, you know what offends them and what doesn't. When I run into a partially open door or miss a turn down a hallway, I've been known to quip, "well, forgot my glasses again". When I'm at a party, or around people who've had a drink or two, I've often been told, "maybe you should drive; you're the most sober one in the bunch." I once had a couple of different T-shirts that made funny references to blindness. One said, "I'm not blind, I'm just outa sight!" The other, which really drew some laughs, said, "Blind Lovers Do It With Feeling!" I remember wearing that particular shirt while walking on my college campus one day, and the dean saw me. I thought for sure he wouldn't take too kindly to me wearing a shirt like that on his campus, but he thought it was the funniest thing, and would mention it to people for years thereafter. There are certainly days when the last thing I feel like doing is poking fun at something that frustrates me. But I mostly look on the bright side, and realize that God made me this way for a purpose, and being able to laugh at yourself can go a long way in getting through life's frustrations.

08/04/2009 11:48AM
Out Of Sight
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