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Question: Are You Having an Emotional Affair?

The following list came with much help of Kim Stewart and was a follow-up to a story yesterday morning about how office flings were on the increase in our shaky economy.  I mentioned that I had read an article about signs that you could be having an "emotional affair" and not even know it. The phones lit up and everyone wanted that list.  Not knowing where I had originally seen the list, Kim the "Queen of the Google Search"  found it for me by searching "lint" + "emotional affair". Here is the list:   Question: Are You Having an Emotional Affair? "You've Probably Crossed the Line if You... 1. Touch your male friend in "legal" ways, like picking lint off his blazer. 2. Pay extra attention to how you look before you see him. 3. Think crush-like thoughts like "He'd love this song!" 4. Tell him more details about your day than you do your partner. 5. No longer feel comfortable telling your mate about this person and begin to cover up your relationship. 6. Experience increasing sensual tension; you admit your attraction to him but also insist to yourself that you would never act on it."
04/15/2009 7:04AM
Question: Are You Having an Emotional Affair?
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