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Seeing Is Believing

My blindness has never altered my vocabulary, particularly when it comes to "seeing" things or people. Let me explain. When a person is talking to someone they know, he or she often says, "hey, nice to see you". When referring to a movie or hot new TV show, you might say, "did you see that"? "I saw her at the party last weekend" is another example. When I or any blind person says that, it often leads to some rather interesting reactions. Some people think we're being funny or clever when we say we "saw" someone. If I tell someone, "nice to see you", the other person often responds with, "but you're blind. How can you see me"? What many people don't realize is we're not trying to be cute or make a joke about our blindness. Obviously, I can't "see" anyone or anything, but I don't feel the need to change my wording to fit my disability. I want to be able to have normal conversations just as a sighted person would. Can you imagine the reactions I would get if i said, "hey, nice to hear you" or "good to smell you today"? So, the next time a blind person says to you, "good seeing you", just remember they may not really be "seeing" you with their eyes, but with their other senses. It's all a matter of perspective. See you next time.

10/19/2009 11:17AM
Seeing Is Believing
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