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What To Do With Fruitcake

So you got all this fruitcake as a gift, and don't know what to do with it? maybe this video will help you out. Happy Holidays!
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A Second Try At Love

People Magazine reported earlier this week that singer Shania Twain is engaged to Swiss businessman Frederic Thiebaud. Back in 2008, Shania and then-husband Robert "Mutt" Lange split after he was allegedly having an affair with Thiebaud's wife. Let's hope the second time around for Shania will be the charm. Here's a video of her performing a Christmas song on the "Today" show back in 1998. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!
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Top 10 Toys For Small Children

So many toys. Which ones are appropriate? What's safe? Check out this great online resource for some ideas that are low-tech but creative, and educational. These are mainly for toddlers and preschoolers, but I found myself wishing I could play with some of these. For more Christmas toy ideas, you can also check out a recent blog from the Majic Morning Show's Alex O'Neal:
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Me First!

Want to be first in line for Black Friday? Sorry, looks like Lori Davenport has already beaten you to it. Check out this video:
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Microsoft's New Windows Phones

Looks like Microsoft is trying to find ways to keep up with its competitors in the Smart Phone industry. Just in time for holiday shopping, they will soon come out with their Windows Smart Phones. Check out this video, and find out if this is somethingyou might want to put on your list.
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Christmas Memories

As an adult, I still look forward to the Christmas holiday. But things change so much from childhood to when we're grown up. When I was a kid, I had very few responsibilities, I was carefree, and able to just enjoy the family gatherings, the food, and of course, believing Santa Claus was really the one who brought all the presents. My, how time flies, and how different things are! The pace of being a grownup just seems so much more hectic and stressful during the holidays than I remember. Now, merchants have Christmas decorations up before Halloween. Now, I have a job, and it's my responsibility to buy gifts as well as receive them. More than ever, I find myself reflecting on those cherished memories I had as a child, like the Christmas Day when i was about eight, and I awoke to find my first bike under the tree, something I didn't expect. I remember all those times I used to help put up the tree (we always had the real ones). I loved the smell of the pine needles, and feeling so proud of being a part of putting up the decorations. I also loved going Christmas caroling, especially to retirement and group homes, bringing holiday cheer to those who were lonely or less fortunate. I've had the pleasure of experiencing many of those same memories with my own kids. But as I've grown older, I've come to realize something even more important than all of those things. Yes, it's fun to open presents, eat good food, laugh and spend time with family and friends, and sing those wonderful Christmas songs. But to me, the real meaning of Christmas is that Jesus Christ was born, that he is our Savior, and he gave his life for all of us. That isn't just a memory for me; it's a belief that will live in my heart forever. On behalf of everyone at Majic 95.5, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! May it bring you much peace and joy.
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Winding Down The Toy Drive

Time is passing by so quickly. That always seems to be the case, especially during the holidays, doesn't it? Our Majic of Christmas Toy Drive is no exception. It seems as if we just started it, but it's winding down as we head into our final week. This Wednesday, I will be making my last appearance of the toy drive at the Arboretum, between Pottery Barn and Express. We've gotten lots of wonderful toys, but we still have room for yours, so hope you can make it by. Don't forget about our gift wrapping party this Saturday from noon to 4 at Designer Floors of Texas, 3841 Ranch Rd. 620 South. Bring your gift wrapping supplies: paper, tape, scissors, etc. and help us wrap all the toys you've so graciously donated. Hey, Santa will even be there to help. It's become as much a tradition as the toy drive itself, so hope you can make it by.
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A Child's Initiative

Stephen poses with 12-year-old Josh at the Samuels Diamonds Majic Of Christmas toy drop This past weekend, I went to Samuels Diamonds in Round Rock, at Lafrontera, for one of our Majic Of Christmas toy donation drops. I've been involved in every single toy drive we've had over the past eight years, but I'm always touched by the generosity of people who bring us new, unwrapped toys, whether it's one toy or several bags full. But I'm especially moved when children take the lead in the giving. One of the people I met on Saturday was 12-year-old Josh, who came with his mom to drop off some toys. In the course of our conversation, I asked if I could have a picture taken with them. Josh's mom decided to let Josh take it with me, and told me it was his idea to make a donation to the toy drive. On behalf of all of us at Majic, we salute you, Josh, and other kids like you, for being willing to help others who are in need. Check out our photo.
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Majic Of Christmas Is Back!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and didn't stuff yourself too much (I have made an effort to not stuff myself silly, because I hate the feeling I get afterwards). You may have noticed we kicked off our Majic Of Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, and that means it's also time for our toy drive. All of us at Majic are very grateful to Whole Foods Market and the Assistance League of Austin for their help on this year's drive. The holidays are a mixed bag of sorts for most of us. We revel in the joy the season brings, whether it's the music, opening presents, or the birth of Jesus. But not everyone looks at this time of year with gleeful anticipation. Some of you have unpleasant memories during this time of year. Maybe you lost a job or loved one during the holidays (I lost my grandmother three weeks before Christmas about 25 years ago, and I still think about it). Perhaps the stress of work, shopping, or having to plan the family get-together is getting to you. I've been involved in every single majic Of Christmas toy drive since we started it back in 2001. The thing I have noticed most is how it brings our community together, no matter what the circumstances are. For the families who are nominated, it's a chance to give their children a brighter holiday season, and the feeling that maybe, just maybe, it's the beginning of better times. For those who give, there comes with it the joy of knowing that you have made a difference in a child's life, even if all you could give was one toy. I experienced this feling myself several years ago when my family and I sponsored the children of a nominated family. Their expression of happiness and gratitude is something I'll never forget. This year has been especially tough for a lot of people. But it is my hope that once again, our Majic Of Christmas will touch many lives. If you're able to donate a new, unwrapped toy, check our website for details on where we will be for you to drop off your donation. If you're not able to give, and wish to nominate your family or someone else's, fill out our online nomination form. You can also join us at our gift wrapping party Dec. 19 from noon to 4 Pm at Designer Floors of Texas, 3841 Ranch Rd. 620 South. Just bring your gift wrapping supplies and come join the fun! Happy Holidays!
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A Scaled-Down Holiday

When I first heard there would be no Trail Of Lights at Zilker Park this year, my initial reaction was one of regret. It's been a while since I've walked the trail (my kids were very little then; they're practically grown now). But we had such fun. The lights themselves didn't hold great meaning to a blind person like myself. But I liked walking the trail, visiting Santa's house, and just hearing the joy in my children's voices as they took in the whole event. My, how things change. The tough economic landscape has forced the city of Austin to scale back the Trail Of Lights event this year. When I first read the headline, "No Trail Of Lights This Year" I thought they were eliminating the whole thing. As I read on, however, I was glad to find out there will still be an event, albeit a scaled-back version. Instead of the 1.25-mile trail in past years, it will be about a half-mile, centered around the Zilker Tree. It will be a nine-day event instead of two weeks, and there will be concessions, concerts, and other entertainment around the event. Parking fees will drop from $15 to $10, and, perhaps the best news of all, it will still be free admission. The city had originally planned to charge a $5 admission to anyone over the age of 11, but they decided to do away with that idea. No, it may not be the Trail Of Lights we've come to embrace as an annual Austin tradition, but it may still be fun. Perhaps times will be better by next year or the year after, and the full event can be brought back. At least we're still having one.
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