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What To Do With Fruitcake

So you got all this fruitcake as a gift, and don't know what to do with it? maybe this video will help you out. Happy Holidays!
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See Spot Shake

You may not spend the majority of your day pondering such questions as, "why do dogs shake themselves after getting a bath"? But, just in case that question has always piqued your curiosity, maybe this video will clean up the mystery.
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A Car That Drives Itself

You never know what Google is going to come up with next. Case in point: they have now introduced a RoboCar, a vehicle that can drive itself, and it's being tested in California. Ok, there is still someone in the car to make sure there isn't a catastrophe, but would you trust being on the same road with one of these babies? Check out this video:
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A Successful Plastic Boat Ride

David de Rothschild, skipper of the boat Plastiki, sailed all the way from San Francisco to Sydney, Austrailia, a voyage that covered 8000 nautical miles over a four-month period. This doesn't sound particularly unusual, until you discover this was no ordinary boat: it was made almost entirely of plastic bottles, over 12,000 of them, to be exact! Rothschild wanted to increase awareness of the dangers of plastic waste, after reading a United Nations report that claimed plastic waste was posing a serious threat to the world's oceans. The 60-foot catamaran had to fight fierce Pacific storms, but docked in Sydney to the cheers of 100 people who gathered to see the unusual boat. Very clever, indeed.
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A New Bowling Record

I've always been fascinated with world records, especially crazy ones. Over the weekend, i heard about a guy from Texas who set a new world record for the longest ten-pin bowling marathon. Stephen Shanabrook, 24, of Plano, bowled for 125 hours, whichstretched over a five day period. His scores certainly ran the gamut, from a high of 198 to a low of 5. Check out the article here:
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It's All In The Cards

Here's a new way to decide a runoff election: just draw playing cards. That's what happened in Nevada, where two political candidates were tied after a primary. Check out the story here:
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A Sugary Sweet Prom

A few weeks ago, I posted a story about a girl who made a prom dress out of gum wrappers. Well, thanks to Nolan Cruise, one of our weekend personalities here at Majic (Saturday mornings from 6 to noon), I think I found something to top that: a prom dress made of juice packets! A California teen made her prom dress from 117 Capri Sun packets, hot glue, and thread. It took her three weeks to make, and her boyfriend even helped by drinking the punch from many of the packets. They had to have been the sweetest couple at that prom! Check out the story here:
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The Real iPad Debate: Dogs vs. Cats

Since the launch of the iPad, we human beings have debated back and forth on whether this is the next thing that will change the world, or just one big flop. But who says animals can't weigh in on this subject? Check out the link below featuring two videos of a cat and a dog trying out Apple's latest product. As you will see, their reactions are totally opposite of each other (no surprise there, right)? Who's right? Well, you decide.
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Dressing Up In Gum Wrappers

How's this for creativity? A high school student showing up at her prom wearing a dress made of... gum wrappers? Now that's something to chew on! Check out this video:
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Dreaming Of Road Rage

I've only driven a car once in my life (when you're blind, you don't exactly get many opportunities to do such a thing). It was over 15 years ago, in a deserted mall parking lot late at night on Christmas Eve, and I travelled at a grand speed of 17 miles an hour, with a sighted friend telling me when to turn or stop. She and her daughter even videotaped it for me. Therefore, I have no idea why I had a dream the other night about driving a car. Not just driving, mind you, but becoming angry at another driver to the point of wanting to ram her car! I dreamed I went to the grocery store with a friend. As I walked out of the store, some lady started making fun of me being blind, got in a Cadillac, and started to drive away. At that point, I was so mad I jumped in the car of the person I was with, and began chasing after the Cadillac. Let me tell you: in this dream, I was going a whole lot faster than mph17, and there were plenty of other cars in the parking lot! But, you know how dreams are; they are often fragmented, and don't always make much sense on the surface. One would think that I hit one car after another trying to get to this Cadillac, but I kept missing them, including the car I was after. That's how it ended. I never caught up with the lady, thankfully. But it definitely left me wondering what it all meant. I'm not a violent person by nature, and I certainly don't promote road rage. I don't even have a problem with people who drive Cadillacs; my mom drives a used one. I'm no Sigmund Freud, but it probably has to do with my sensitivity toward being made fun of regarding my blindness. It's something I've come to expect, but naturally no one likes to be poked fun at about something they have no control over, right? Or maybe I just wanted to prove to this snobby lady that I wasn't helpless, and would show her by chasing her down. Whatever the meaning, it sure makes for a great story! What's the craziest dream you've ever had? I'd love to hear about it.
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Mac and Cheese, Anyone?

I've been hiding a deep secret for years, as early as my childhood. It was only a few weeks ago that I accidentally let it slip in a conversation with a friend of mine. I'm amazed I kept it hidden as long as I did, but I've finally decided to go public and get it off my chest. Brace yourself: this could be quite shocking. I CAN'T STAND MACARONI AND CHEESE! That's right: mac and cheese, a favorite of millions of kids and grownups everywhere. Not me; I can't stand the smell, taste, or texture of the stuff. Come on now. How many people do you know who won't eat one of the most popular foods ever? Oh, and while I'm at it, I might as well reveal another food shocker: I don't like dressing, either. I'm not talking about salad dressing; I mean the kind you have with turkey at Thanksgiving! My mother still recalls the time when I was about six, and she attempted to make me eat some of my aunt's homemade dressing. Without being gross, let's just say it didn't work out too well, and even to this day, I won't touch it. Is something wrong with me? Do I have Popular Food Deficiency Syndrome, or PFDS? (I'm not sure if there is such a condition; it just sounded appropriate). My friend thought I was the weirdest person ever upon hearing this revelation. What do you think? Is there a popular dish or kind of food you absolutely despise that would make someone's jaw drop in shock if they knew? I'd love to hear about it. I do like chocolate. At least no one can pin that one on me.
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A Very Pricey Tuna

How much would you pay for a fish? Or, more specifically, a tuna that weighs over 500 pounds? Well, at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, the world's largest wholesale fish market, a bluefin tuna was purchased at an auction for 16.3 million yen, or $177,000 in American green. It was the largest price for a fish at the auction since 2001. Guess the tough worldwide economy hasn't affected everyone. To view the whole article, click below:
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Here Comes The Bride... and The Ghoul!

I've always had this fascination for the goofy side of news. There's so much bad news these days, sometimes I like to go online and read the lighter side of life. I just read today that a couple southwest of Cleveland, Ohio, got married last weekend. What's so unusual about that? Well, they decided to celebrate Halloween early by getting married in a haunted house, and dressing up as vampires. Talk about a Scare-e-mony! Click on the link below to check it out.
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Out Of Sight

I've never been one to take myself or my blindness too seriously. That's not to say i don't get frustrated because I can't drive myself somewhere or get turned around and have to get assistance from someone. But I've never been shy about poking fun at myself or making "blind jokes". People who don't know me well typically are hesitant to make a funny comment or pun about me being blind. I usually don't mind, but you always want to make sure it's in good taste, and it probably feels more comfortable when you know the person better. Then, you know what offends them and what doesn't. When I run into a partially open door or miss a turn down a hallway, I've been known to quip, "well, forgot my glasses again". When I'm at a party, or around people who've had a drink or two, I've often been told, "maybe you should drive; you're the most sober one in the bunch." I once had a couple of different T-shirts that made funny references to blindness. One said, "I'm not blind, I'm just outa sight!" The other, which really drew some laughs, said, "Blind Lovers Do It With Feeling!" I remember wearing that particular shirt while walking on my college campus one day, and the dean saw me. I thought for sure he wouldn't take too kindly to me wearing a shirt like that on his campus, but he thought it was the funniest thing, and would mention it to people for years thereafter. There are certainly days when the last thing I feel like doing is poking fun at something that frustrates me. But I mostly look on the bright side, and realize that God made me this way for a purpose, and being able to laugh at yourself can go a long way in getting through life's frustrations.
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