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Summer Kid Health Tips

Summer Kid Health Tips By Dr Ari Brown Author of Baby 411 (The Baby Handbook) Here are some Summer Do's: 1. Sunblock-- for all kids, including yours! (Most parents think babies under 6 months shouldn't have it on) 2. Bug spray (or insect netting)--yes it's safe. FYI: Mosquitos like people who blow off more CO2 and who are hot--which is why they really like pregnant women. 3. Swimmer's ear prevention--for kids who actually go under the water, not babies in the baby pool. It's a skin infection in the lining of the ear canal from pool water that pools in there, leaving a nice moist, dark, warm environment for germs. Parents can make their own swim ear prevention drops--rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Summer Don'ts: 1. No fireworks please. The ER docs will thank me for mentioning this. 2. 2 hours of screen time a day max. If we can highlight my office's (Capital Pediatric) after hours urgent care--open 5-8pm nightly and on weekends. We are also doing well checks during those hours for families who can't get off work to get their kids in. Mix / Majic Thursday Morning at-work Patio BBQ Patio Grill?

07/02/2009 8:10AM
Summer Kid Health Tips
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