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Summing Up MJ

How do you sum up the life of someone like Michael Jackson in a few short paragraphs? I'm not sure that's possible, but he certainly had his share of extremes. His life was eventful but tumultuous. He had millions of fans worldwide, and many critics. He was one of the most brilliant musicians ever, but , well, had one of the most bizarre personalities you'll ever find. He was rich, and he went broke. He was idolized for the many monster singles and albums he put out, and was made fun of for his many plastic surgeries, exotic animals, and other eccentricities. Michael will be remembered as much for his troubles with allegations of child molesting and other personal troubles as he will his music. Onstage, he put on a show you could never forget; offstage, he was painfully shy. As an entertainer, he was as big as life; physically, especially in recent years, he was so frail you were afraid he might break in two. Despite the many people who adored and even idolized him, he was once quoted as saying to one of his close friends, "I'm a very lonely man". Many reports about his death and what caused it will probably come out in the next few weeks and months. I don't think it's a stretch to say Michael Jackson will be even more well-known years from now as he was when he was alive, like Elvis is. The day of his death will be one that we'll say, "I remember exactly what I was doing when..." No, Michael Jackson's life may not be accurately summarized in a short blog posting. But whether you like him or despise him, one thing's for sure: you'll never forget him. Enjoy the music.

06/26/2009 1:50PM
Summing Up MJ
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06/26/2009 2:54PM
Michael Pfeil
Despite saying it couldn't be done, you gave as good of a summary of Michael Jackson's career as I read anywhere. I was born the same year as Michael Jackson was born (as were Madonna and Prince) and, as is the norm preferred the music of those older than me, so I was never really into him (or Madonna or Prince), though his influence on the younger generation was unavoidable.
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