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When Turkey's Attack!!

I saw this video on the "Ellen" show the other day and I think it is hilarious!!  This turkey had been chasing joggers in the neighborhood and a local news reporter came out to cover the story.   Check out  her video below.   I might just have chicken for Thanksgiving this year!   Angry turkeys are  not to be messed with!  
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Girls of Every Age Love Brad Pitt!!

Happy Wednesday!!  I saw Moneyball this past weekend with my daughter Katie and we both agree Brad Pitt is a cutie!!   So does this adorable little girl!!   Enjoy!!
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Baby Bears Stop Traffic!!

Happy Wednesday!!   This video was just too cute not to share!   These two baby bear cubs held up traffic in Yosemite.  Never fear, mama bear was nearby!
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Tuesday Morning Funny!!

There are so many funny animal videos on the internet.  I found this one yesterday and could not stop laughing and wanted to share it with you!  If you are one of the 11 million who have already seen it, it's worth watching again!  Enjoy!
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