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Terri McCormick's Blog

Is Nicholas Cage a Vampire?

This picture was up sale on eBay until recently and was selling for $1 million dollars!!   It was taken in 1870 and looks exactly like Nicholas Cage!   Nicholas Cage is a bit strange maybe he really is a vampire!!  The picture has mysteriously disappeared from eBay but is still causing quite a stir!!  What do you think?
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Carrie Fisher's Amazing Weight Loss!!

Carrie Fisher has struggled with her weight for years!!   The press even compared her looks to Sir Elton John!!  Well that's all changed since she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig!  It's been 8 months and Carrie looks amazing!  She's lost 50 lbs!! The force is definately with her now!!  Check out her before and after photo's here!! 
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Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a NYC Street Fight!!

He's not just a hero in the movies.  Ryan Gosling was caught on video trying to help break up a street fight in NYC.  Check out the video below!
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He's King of the World and the Boxoffice Too!!

If Forbes Top 10 Actors are to be ranked based on their pay, Leonardo Dicaprio is the highest paid actor who took the lead with $77M, followed by Johnny Depp with $50M, Adam Sandler $40M, Will Smith $36M , Tom Hanks with $35M, Ben Stiller $34M, Robert Downey Jr. $31M, Mark Wahlberg $28M, Brad Pitt $20M and at the bottom ten is Robert Pattinson with $20M actually tied with Brad? Wow! Last year though, Johnny Depp was the highest paid actor earning $75M and a cut of 33% brought down Johnny into second place for this year’s highest paid actors. DiCaprio on the other hand was at fifth place last year who just earned $28M with an increase of 175$.  I think "Inception" had a lot to do with his first place finish this year!
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Harry Potter Fun!!

It's finally here !!  Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollow Part 2 is opening this weekend and it is already selling out theaters all over Austin!  I was lucky enough to attend our "Majic Sneak Peek" on Monday and the movie was in a word..."Spectacular"!!  I can't wait to see it again!!  In honor of the final film Warner Brothers has released a mini tribute of Harry Potter through the years and all 8 films!  Check it out below!!  Enjoy Muggles!! Alex knows what a big Harry Potter fan I am and sent me a link to a fun website with Rockstars that look like Harry Potter characters!!  Check it out here!
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She Said Yes!!

Mila Kunis has agreed to serve her country – by accompanying a sergeant serving in Afghanistan to the Marine Corps Ball.  Sgt. Scott Moore, of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Afghanistan, posted a video to YouTube last week asking the actress to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball on November 18th in Greenville, N.C.   I love this story!!  Check out his video below!!
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Jennifer's Boyfriend Cleans Up For Walk of Fame Ceremony!

Jennifer Aniston recieved her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday and had her knew boyfriend Justin Theroux with her.  It looks like he cleaned up a bit by getting rid of his beard and looked handsome and clean shaven.  He's sitting to her left in the white shirt and slim black tie.   I vote for this look, what do you think?  Congrats Jen!
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Jennifer Aniston Speaks!

Jennifer Aniston has just taped an episode of "Inside The Actors Studio" and she is finally speaking out about her break-up with Brad Pitt and her last day of filming "Friends"  To see clips from the show and her answers click here!
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