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Terri McCormick's Blog

Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a NYC Street Fight!!

He's not just a hero in the movies.  Ryan Gosling was caught on video trying to help break up a street fight in NYC.  Check out the video below!
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Kim Kardashian's 20 Million Dollar Wedding Commercial!!

Yes, it was a tax free weekend, but it was also the weekend for the wedding of the year!!  I'm talking about Kim Kardashian's 20 million dollar wedding extravaganza!!  It will air as a two part TV experience on the "E" network on October 9th and 10th, but "E" was kind enough to give us a sneak peek!!   Despite the hype it looks like it was a beautiful wedding!
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Newsweek Cover of Lady Diana, Creepy, Tacky, or Both?

What if Lady Diana had live to celebrate her 50th birthday this year?  The article written  by editor-in-chief Tina Brown in the new Newsweek magazine !  There is an imagined Diana Facebook page, and a fashion slide show comparing Diana and her son William's new bride Kate Middleton.  It's a must read for Diana fans, but the ghostly image on the cover has some people wondering if Newsweek crossed the line.  What do you think?
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