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Found- A Fabulous Website That Sells Travel Sizes!

If you like to travel or are planning a holiday trip you will love this website!    It's called and you can buy everything  you need for your trip!  These small sizes are great to pack for any kind of trip but the sizes are TSA friendly too!!

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Target's New Designer Is Jason Wu!!

After a long search , I finally found a piece of Missoni for Target that I wanted.  This adorable make-up bag fits everything and only set me back $12.99!! See ya Missoni, it's time for one of the First Ladies favorite designers , Jason Wu to design a collection for Target.  Just in time for spring of 2012, Wu will put out a line of fabulous clothing and accessories.  I hope Target will have a better handle on this one and I am sure Jason's designs will sell fast.  Look for them in early February.  Check out a sneak peek below .
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The Best Nail Colors for Fall 2011

This is how it works: every season, to coincide with New York Fashion Week, paint-matching expert Pantone releases its Fashion Color Report, a comprehensive guide to the top ten colors in women’s fashion.  These are a few of the hottest colors!!  My personal favorites are the purple and green!  Check out more hot fall colors on Pantone's website!
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Drop 2 Sizes With This Dress!!

This could be the dress of the year!!   It's called the Bicolour Octavia dress by designer Stella McCartney!  It's all the rage with celebrities , and they have all been wearing it on the red carpet.  If you would like one for yourself, they are sold out on Stella McCartney's website, but they are expecting more in about 3 weeks.  One more thing, this lovely dress with set you back about $1600, but you will look fabulous!!   Read more about it here!
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Missoni for Target is Here!!

We've been waiting patiently since the news broke back in May the Missoni was designing a collection for Target!!  Well today is the day!!  This is the largest collection ever designed for Target and already the website is jammed!  If you would like to see the entire collection, I mean everything you can find the look book here!!  I personally love the towels , blankets and dishes from this collection!    Find out more and purchase your favorites here!
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I Love These Muppet Inspired Nail Colors!!

OPI is introducing 12 new fun nail colors this fall to coincide with the release of the new "The Muppets" film! They will be in stores in November and I want them all!! The 12 new colors are (from top to bottom, left to right): Animal-istic; Meep Meep Meep; Wocka Wocka; Pepes Purple Passion; Designers De Better; Warm & Fozzie; Rainbow Connection; Excuse Moi; Gone Gonzo; Fresh Frog of Bel Air; Divine Swine; and Gettin Miss Piggy With It.
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I'm Obsessed With This!!

I must say I gotta have it!  This beautiful southwestern teal vanity that I found this past weekend at The Home Consignment Center! The price is amazing too!!    This is why I love shopping there so much!!  Check out the gorgeous desk for back to school, the lovely Lennox china cup and saucer and the fabulous pillows and throws I found too!!   Now off to the Home Consignment Center to make sure this vanity is mine!!!!

I love bright accent pieces and these pillows are perfect for my bedroom!!
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Found-A Fabulous Weekend Getaway!!

Last weekend I headed down to Corpus Christi for a much needed weekend getaway!!  This is my 3rd summer heading down to Corpus and it just keeps getting better every year!!  The beaches are clean and wonderful and the people are friendly!  There is also so much to do.  This year I made sure to stop by the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center. There are more and more lovely additions each year! When your looking  for a fun weekend getaway for the entire family , look no further than Corpus Christi! Check out some of my photos from this year's trip!  Enjoy!

The birds are a new addition to the botanical gardens this year!!
The USS Lexington was in view while we had dinner!


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Found- More Fabulous Furniture From The Home Consignment Center!

I am always talking about how much I love shopping at The Home Consignment Center!!  They have such fantastic prices and an amazing selection of furniture for every room in my home.  I recently moved and was in the need for acouple of bar stools for my new kitchen.   No problem!  The HCC had just what I needed and at a fabulous price too!!


The Home Consignment Center also has a wonderful selection of outdoor furniture just in time for summer fun!  I found the perfect table for two for my new porch!

The Home Consignment Center has amazing accent pieces to add that final touch to you home decorating too!  Again you will pay a fraction of the retail price!!   Check out my favorite new lamp, it adds just the right touch to my new home!

Stop by and see Karen, Kristen and the staff at The HCC!!   They have two locations, in the Arborwalk Center and The Shops Parkway in Bee Cave!  Check out their website here and have fun shopping and saving money this summer!!
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Found- The Best and Easiest Ways to Stay in Shape!

This is the time of year we all want to get and stay in shape and I've found 21 fantastic ways to stay in shape.  They are so practical and easy that everyone can do them!   I swear by these!  Here's to a healthy and happy summer!!  1. 3 meals & a snack is enough If the right healthy and balanced meals are chosen, this is very possible. It is all about training your mind and your body. 2. Don’t waste calories Try eliminating those moments when you continue to eat even when the food doesn’t taste very good or when you’re in the car – can you really savor what you’re eating? Another way to stop losing calories is to watch what liquids you drink, and when in doubt, drink water. 3. Just walk  Whether it is a vigorous multi-mile walk, working in the yard, cleaning the house or walking to town to do some errands, try to incorporate it somehow into your day. Once you become in the habit of doing this, you will get to a point where you will crave this time to be with yourself. 4. Avoid the sugary treats in the AM Yes, the beautifully decorated and tasty temptations are everywhere when you’re stopping to get your morning caffeine, but try to pass them up as they will not carry you through until lunch. 5. Green tea in the morning Known to suppress appetite and ever so slightly, speed up the metabolism. 6. Fiber to fill you up for breakfast (oatmeal or steel oats) 7. Eat your veggies and don’t worry how many. Minus the dip. 8. Almonds – a simple snack One of my favorite afternoon snacks is a handful of almonds, a half of an apple and a few slices of parmesan cheese – oh, and a cup of tea if I can find hot water at work. 9. Eat at a table, enjoy the conversation or something engaging to read 10. Your body has all the resistance you need (yoga anyone?) Try to include one or two sessions of strength training each week, and if you’re worried about bulking up, smaller weights – more reps, or yoga and pilates which require you to use your own body weight – lengthening, not bulking up, your muscles. 11. Find something else to focus on besides food 12. Immerse yourself in your passion and get happy I can look back on the times in my life when I gained a few pounds and those other times when I magically lost a few, and for me both correlated perfectly with my state of happiness and contentedness (happy – weight loss, doubtful – weight gain). Instead of trying to find happiness outside of yourself, seek it from within and discover your passion.  Once you find out what that is, find a way to enjoy it as much as possible. 13. Read French Women Don’t Get Fat  I finally realized it was okay, just to walk and I’ve never looked back. Thank you Mireille! 14. Eat in season as best you can 15. Walk your dog(s) 16. Talk positively about yourself You can reach the goals you have set for yourself. Be patience, be determined, but be gentle – not too gentle though. :) 17. Accept compliments As Oprah reminds us, we are enough just as we are, so it is imperative to filter any negative or hurtful comments and to not brush aside genuine compliments. 18. Surround yourself with people who enjoy an active, yet balanced and healthy lifestyle 19. Stay out of the kitchen until meal time. Eliminate grazing. 20. Give your body time to settle into the new habits It will take time. Once your body becomes accustomed to eating at a certain time and a certain amount, it will think it needs it and remind you.  You must be patient, but resolute. In time, your body’s habits will change and you will wonder how you ever did what you used to do. 21. Enjoy your food, savor it and in small portions By savoring your food, you are allowing yourself to slow down and when you do this, you are decreasing the amount of calories you are consuming.  It takes approximately 20 minutes for your mind to get the message that you are full, so take your time until the message arrives and enjoy your company and the individual flavors that the chef took such loving care to incorporate.
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Found-A Great Way To Save $$ On Beauty Products!!

Birchbox is a new and fun way to try beauty products before you buy them!!  They carry so many wonderful brands and you pay only $10 a month and get fabulous large samples!!  You can collect points and use them toward the purchase of your favorite products too!!  Check out my appearance on "Good Day Austin" with Keri Bellacosa  below.  You can become a member of Birchbox and check out their website here!

Keri and Terri: Score Free Samples:

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Found-Fabulous Money Saving Apps!

If you want to save a lot of money, yes there is an app for that!!  I found 3 fabulous and free apps that will save you money on gas, groceries and everything else!  Check out Keri Bellacosa and myself on "Good Day Austin" and the links below to start saving now!

Terri and Keri: Money Saving Apps:

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Found-Duchess Catherine's Royal Wedding Gown!

If you fell in love with Duchess Catherine's beautiful wedding gown , you can buy it's likeness at Nordstrom for just $698!!  It will be available on September 15th but you can pre-order your's here!
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Found - A Delicious Recipe For Your Left Over Peeps!

I love my Peeps, and I always seem to have some left over after Easter.  Here is a fun recipe that is a colorful twist on the old Rice Krispie Treats recipe  Enjoy!  
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 35 Peeps
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
  • In large pot, melt butter over low heat. Add Peeps and stir until completely melted. If using different colors, melt in separate color sections within the pot. Do not mix colors until Step 2. Remove pot from heat once butter is melted.  Add Rice Krispies cereal.  Stir until well coated.
  Step 3 , Evenly press mixture into 13 x 9 x 1 1/2-inch pan coated with cooking spray. Cool completely before cutting into desired shapes. Store in an airtight container.
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Found-The Fabulous Fiat 500!!

On Friday I picked up my new Fiat 500 from the Fiat Design Studio in the Domain 2!!  This car really is the perfect fashion accessory!!  It comes in 14 fabulous colors and with so many different interior options and extras no 2 Fiat's are alike!!  The Fiat 500 you design will be yours alone!!   This little beauty also gets 38 miles to the gallon , so you can still have money to shop!!  I took my Fiat 500 everywhere with me this weekend!!  Check out the pictures below and go to the Fiat of Austin website to design your own Fiat 500!!  You'll love it!

At the Wine and Cheese Festival on Saturday!  She received lots of compliments!!
There is more than enough room for everything I bought on Saturday, and I like to shop a lot!!

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Found-Angelina Jolie's New Jewlery Collection!

She really does it all!!   Angelia Jolie has her own jewlery collection , "Style of Jolie"  The collection, which she designed over the course of the last nine months with jeweler Robert Procop, is currently on display by invitation only at Julien’s Gallery in Beverly Hills, but we have a sneak peek! In the clip below.   Though Jolie won’t be on hand to showcase her jewels, proceeds from the exhibition will benefit Children in Crisis, the charity of her choice
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