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Posts from January 2012

Taylor Swift and LL Cool J's Grammy Commercial!
It may be cheesy but I think the new commercial for the Grammy Awards is fun too!!  Check it out!!

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Do What Makes You Happy Everyday!!

One of my New Year's Resolutions has been to do something every day that makes me happy!!  It could be something big, like buying a new camera or something small like taking a walk outside on a gorgeous winter day!   This weekend was a busy one, but the one thing I wanted to do was learn to make a green smoothie!!   I want to get more fruits and veggie into my diet and I have on many occasions stopped by Juiceland to get a yummy green smoothie.   A few weeks ago I made decided to buy a Vitamix blender to make my own smoothies!!   Of course this made me very happy that day!!

 For anyone who is familar with this miracle of modern invention, you know that not only can you make a delicious green smoothie, but your own peanut butter ( I did this last week), hummus, soup and even a tasty margarita!!   So this weekend I headed to Whole Foods and bought every organic green veggie I loved , along with some fresh and frozen fruit, plus some fabulous seasonings.  Saturday morning I loaded my trusty Vitamix with , kale, cucumbers, cabbage, a banana, green apple and pear, plus a slice of ginger, hit the switch and let the magic happen!!   Success!!  My very first  smoothie was not only a gorgeous shade of green but delicious too,  and of course it made me very happy!!  Here's to a healthy and happy 2012!!  We deserve it!!

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At Last!! The Right Way To Fold a Fitted Sheet!
It has always been something I've struggled with, folding a fitted sheet!!   I've seen Martha Stewart and others do it on TV,  but have always forgotten how they did it!!  At last I found a step by step version to share with you!!   I tried it this weekend and it works perfectly!!   Happy Monday!!

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January's Colorful Skies!!
I think January gets a bad rap for many reason's , including shorter days and colder weather!!  One thing January has going for it are the colorful sunrise and sunset skies it provides!!   Last Friday's sunrise was one of the prettiest I have ever seen and even after the sunrise there was a small rainbow that appeared over the city.  Maybe is was a Friday the 13th good luck omen?  Check out my latest pictures below!! 

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The Gucci Fiats Are Here!!
The Fiat of Austin Design Studio the #1 Fiat Dealer in Texas has some exciting news!!  The Gucci Fiats have arrived for 2012!!  I stopped by the Fiat of Austin Design studio in the Domain 2 last week and had a chance to see them for myself!!  Trust me you are going to want to own one of these fabulous cars!!  Fiat of Austin has made it so affordable too, with 0% financing and $500 rebates!! Find out more here!  Get a sneak peek by checking out my photo's below!!  I love the interior and look how fashionable the tire are!!   Now, not only can you wear Gucci but you can drive one too!!

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Happy New Year!! It's Time For A Fresh Start!!
Happy New Year!!   I say it's time for a fresh start!!  Here is an interview I did with this month's fabulous "Austin Woman" magazine. The theme of the issue is how to start fresh for the New Year.  Check it out below!!  Thanks to the staff at "Austin Woman" and here's to a fabulous 2012!!

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