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Here's Your 2012 Oscar Ballot!!

It's Academy Award time, one of my favorite times of the year!!   If you are planning a fun party or just going to hang out with a few friends here is a printable Oscar Ballot for you!  It's one of my favorites from Movie Phone. Get it here!! 

"The Artist" is the odds on favorite to win Best Picture this year, but as you know, anything can happen!! 

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A Few Of My Favorite Things
I hope you had a great weekend!!  Whether it  was a 2 day or 3 day , weekends are always a great way to relax and enjoy what life has to offer!!  Here are a few of my favorite things from this past week and weekend!!

Another beautiful sunrise from the Majic studio windows!!


The fabulous Gucci Fiat on display outside of Saks Fifth Avenue in the Arboretum.


My favorite flowers , hydrangeas , from my lovely daughter Katie, just because!!


Last nights colorful sunset from my porch!!
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A Few Of My Favorite Things!!
 I was so excited when I found out that the Jason Wu collection at Target was going on sale on Super Bowl Sunday!!  I don't work Sunday mornings , so I knew I could stand in line and hopefully pick up a few pieces I've had my eye on before they were gone!!  My friend Nikki and I stood in line for only a half hour, but with temps in the upper 30's it seemed a whole lot longer.!!  With about 25 minutes to go the manager of the store came out to lecture us on store etiquette, she was a bit scarred from the Missoni incident this past summer!!  Finally we were let in ,10 at a time , but Nikki and I were at the front of the line and we got everything we wanted!!   No chaos whatsover, everyone was nice too!!  I was able to score the cute cat bag to tote my laptop and a great yellow top that is just so versatile!!  

I love pancakes and don't eat them too often, but when I found this recipe I had to try them and share it with you!!  Perfect to make on Sunday mornings!!

Get the recipe here!!

Growing up in Michigan I never had much success with succulents!!  In Austin it's a different story and the warm winter temperatures have been good to mine!!  This is one of my favorites!!

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