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A Few Of My Favorite Things at the HCC!
Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it's time to think summer!!   Two things come to mind for me this year,  new outdoor furniture and new jewlery!   The Home Consignment Center is the best place to find both!!  Their selection of outdoor furniture is amazing and so are the prices!!  It's always fun to shop for jewlery, escpecially when it's affordable and at The Home Consignment Center the jewlery is fabulous and again so are the prices!!  Check out the pictures of a few of my favorite things this month and you can find out more here!

 love garnets and this lovely necklace has a lot of them and the price was so affordable too!!

This necklace is an estate piece from the 1940's!!  You can find so many different pieces of 
jewlery from vintage to new and at every price range at The Home Consignment Center.

I just love this fun outdoor patio set!!  The Home Consignment Center the best selection and
the best prices on outdoor furniture that I have ever seen!!

Like I said, an amazing selection of outdoor furniture!!

Yes, you can even find pianos at The Home Consignment Center!!  Everyday there is something
new to discover!!  
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