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The Bachelor Preview: Chantal vs Emily

The season finale of "The Bachelor" is tonight at 7pm on ABC.  There have been blogs and spoilers galore for this season, but no one except Brad, Chantal , Emily  and a few other's will know until tonight who he chooses and if he will propose.   Who do you think Brad will choose?  I hope it's Emily!! Here are the Pro's and Con's of each lovely lady according to "Fancast": CHANTAL O. ProsShe’s a sassy-cake. Not as abrasive as Michelle Money—although she was the infamous slapper—she’s got just enough spunk that’ll keep Brad-dubious interested. - At 28 she’s “only” a decade younger than Brad. Hopefully, that translates into a little bit more maturity. (Remember Em is only 24.) - Brad likes her family. Out of all the families, Woe-Is-Me-Womack seemed to mesh the best with Chantal’s fam and the fact that he and her self-made millionaire pops have similar backgrounds (i.e. bad daddy issues) was icing on the cake. - She’s open. She took the chance and told the emotionally insecure He-Man that she loved him. For a man who’s normally, as Brad puts it, “a closed-off individual,” her communicativeness will make their budding relationship much easier to deal with. Cons - She’s an emotional roller coaster. We’ve seen the tears and her fussy fusses, and neither we nor Brad want to deal with her hormonal tantrums! Waaah! - She’s an emotional muncher. Let’s just keep it real: Girlfriend suddenly made us scratch our heads when it was evident that she was downing some extra ding dongs. She better be careful—looking at Brad and his muscular man boobs, he doesn’t look like the type who would tolerate a woman letting herself go. EMILY M. Pros - She’s a real-life Barbie. And since Brad looks like a Ken Doll, they’d be the perfect Mattel duo! - She’s classy. Her quiet confidence might give stability to Brad’s inner wild-child. - She’s got a kid. Brad said he always wanted kids and seemed to take to ‘lil Ricki well. If he wanted a family unit asap, he’d already have one with Em. Cons - She can be a total robot. It’s hard to read someone who’s only emotional response to anything is “Shut up!” - She’s got a kid. Having a five-year-old might prove too much for a man who’s still trying to find his inner Oprah. - She’s got a traumatic past love life. The fact that Em’s one and only soul mate died is crazy-hard to compete with, and Brad-dilda knows he’ll be compared to him forevahhhh! - She’s super young. At 24, she’s one of the youngest contestants to be on this season. The next big question is who will be the next "Bachelorette"?  That will be announced tonight on the Jimmy Kimmel show at 11pm!!  Do you think it will be the new brunette Ashley?

03/13/2011 9:13PM
The Bachelor Preview: Chantal vs Emily
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