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The Most Effective Herb Supplements from Men’s Health Magazine

The Most Effective Herb Supplements  from Men's Health Magazine An Expanding Midsection and alergies --The remedy: Coleus forskohlii root extract Why it works: Unlike the stimulant ephedra (now banned by the FDA), this supplement doesn't hot-wire the central nervous system to ignite fat loss. Its active ingredient, forskolin, increases an enzyme that allows stored fat to be burned for fuel. A recent study in Obesity Research reported that men taking 250 milligrams (mg) of C. forskohlii root extract (with 10 percent forskolin) saw their body-fat percentage drop an average of 4 points over 12 weeks. As a bonus, men in the same study increased their testosterone levels.  The pick: Vitamin Shoppe ForsLean ($29 for 120 capsules) Toxic Intruders-- The remedy:  milk-thistle extract Why it works: Whether you're inhaling secondhand smoke, recovering from a night of boozing it up, or popping ibuprofen, your liver is among the initial lines of defense against toxins. Milk thistle's active ingredient, silybin, modifies existing liver cells to create a protective barrier against these toxins. It also helps form new liver cells. Milk thistle has been shown in various clinical trials to be safe and effective in protecting liver cells from the toxicity of drugs. Sleepless Nights -- The remedy:  5-HTP Why it works: 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is the chemical that tryptophan must convert to in order to boost serotonin, the sleepy-time hormone. Unlike tryptophan, however, 5-HTP has no trouble crossing the blood-brain barrier, so you'll be sawing wood stat. For nearly half a century, 5-HTP has been used clinically to treat insomnia. The pick: Natrol 5-HTP ($14 for 45 capsules) For more details pick up the latest Men's Health Magazine--you know the one with the sexy guys showing their 6 pack abs on the cover or here's the link to their website with the 7 best herbal picks.

02/10/2009 8:40PM
The Most Effective Herb Supplements from Men’s Health Magazine
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