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Things Kids Today Never Have To Worry About

Some adults look back at the "good old days" and complain that kids today are missing out on some good stuff.

That might be true.

But, because of modern technology, there's also a lot of stress and worry that kids today don't have to deal with, including:

    Typing Complete Words -- If your kid is texting, you know that EVERYTHING is abbreviated. For example, why type, "love you" when you can just hit "LY"?

    Missing TV Shows -- Kids today never have to go through the torture of missing their favorite TV show. DVRs and Hulu have made watching TV live a thing of the past.

    Paying for Music -- In the past decade CDs have become obsolete. Can you imagine there used to be music STORES?

    Spelling Words Correctly -- Spell check might have put some English teachers out of business.

    Forgetting a Camera -- When was the last time you carried around a 2nd device for taking pictures? Because of all the advances in camera phone technology, point and shoots just aren't as important as they used to be.


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03/29/2012 9:37AM
Things Kids Today Never Have To Worry About
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