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Things We've Been Saying Wrong

These were surprising. I was definelnely using some of these wrong. The right phrases are in red.  

On accident vs.
By accident
You can do something on purpose, but not on accident. Prepositions are a killer.

You’ve got another thing coming vsYou’ve got another think coming
This is one of those phrases where the incorrect usage actually does make sense and has become its own phrase. But it’s still technically wrong. In fact, most people don’t even know the correct phrase unless they look it up (I sure didn’t). The correct version really only makes sense If you use the entire sentence “if that’s what you think, you’ve got another think coming.”

I’m giving you leadway vs. I’m giving you leeway
Leadway actually isn’t even a word. Leeway means extra space and freedom.

Expresso vs. Espresso
I’m sure those of you who work at coffee shops have had people order an expresso before. There’s no such drink. The drink you’re trying to order is an espresso.

Momento vs. Memento
Momento isn’t a word. A memento is a keepsake.

I made a complete 360 degree change in my life vs. I made a complete 180 degree change in my life
People say they’ve made a complete 360 degree change in their life to imply that they’ve completely changed from the way they used to be. However, going 360 degrees means that you’ve returned to the exact same place you started. Which would mean you didn’t change at all. A 180 degree change would mean that you are the complete opposite which is what most people are trying to say.

04/24/2014 8:45AM
Things We've Been Saying Wrong
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