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This Week In Music August 18, 2008

  August 16, 1977 was indeed a sad day in music.  That was the day we lost Elvis, the King.    It's quite common for us to look back years after a significant event and remember what we were doing when it happened.  I recall very clearly what I was doing that day.    I was a teenager then, living in Houston.  My mom wanted to take me shopping for a new pair of jeans.  In typical teenage boy fashion, I balked.  The last thing I felt like doing was running all over a mall looking for jeans.  I wanted to stay home and be lazy, listen to music, read a book... anything but that!    Finally, my exasperated mom told me she would go without me.  "But when I come home to have you try on these jeans, and they don't fit, you're grounded," she threatened.    I pouted for a little while after she left, then turned on the radio.  A few minutes later, the station I was listening to broke the sad news that Elvis had died.  naturally, I was shocked, and it certainly overshadowed a silly argument with my mother over a pair of jeans.  (For the record, the jeans fit, and I wasn't grounded).    If you have a funny or unusual memory about that day, feel free to post it.    Enjoy the music. 

08/18/2008 1:45PM
This Week In Music August 18, 2008
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