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This Week In Music August 4-10

  Remember the song "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" by the Bee Gees?  It hit #1 this week in 1971, and stayed at the top of the charts for four weeks.    I have a funny memory that comes to mind every time I hear that song.  I was a kid when that song came out, and for the longest time, I kept thinking the words were, "How Can You Mend a Broken Arm?"    Does this sound familiar, misunderstanding certain words in songs?  At first, I thought there must be something wrong with me, that I was the only one who had this problem.  But over the years, I encountered many other people who did the same thing, so I didn't feel so bad.    What about you?  Do you have a song malaprop, where, either intentionally or unintentionally, you substituted a word in place of a similar-sounding one?  If so, feel free to post it.  Maybe I'll compile a list of the most amusing ones and share them in a future post.    Enjoy the music. 

08/06/2008 12:52PM
This Week In Music August 4-10
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09/18/2008 10:41AM
Michael Brian
There is actually a website devoted to misheard lyrics. After all these years, I still didn't know what Christpher Cross was saying in the son "Never Be the Same" when I heard it again yesterday: "I will never be the same without your love, olly-bullow, I'm not sad behind my teras." Olly bullow? Actually the words are "I'll live alone." I know because I looked it up today! And you know what? I STILL can't hear those words! (grin)
12/29/2008 5:01PM
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