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Top 25 Boy and Girl Baby Names for 2010

From Sophia knocked Isabella off her throne this year and elbowed her into the number 2 position. Aiden, meanwhile, rules the boys' list for the sixth year in a row. New to the top 10 are Abigail, who floated up from the 11th-place spot she held last year, and Liam, who bounded up the ranks from his former spot 23.
Girls' Names Boys' Names
1 Sophia Aiden
2 Isabella Jacob
3 Olivia Jackson
4 Emma Ethan
5 Chloe Jayden
6 Ava Noah
7 Lily Logan
8 Madison Caden
9 Addison Lucas
10 Abigail Liam
11 Madelyn Mason
12 Emily Caleb
13 Zoe Jack
14 Hailey Brayden
15 Riley Connor
16 Ella Ryan
17 Mia Matthew
18 Kaitlyn Michael
19 Kaylee Alexander
20 Peyton Landon
21 Layla Nicholas
22 Avery Nathan
23 Hannah Dylan
24 Mackenzie Evan
25 Elizabeth Benjamin

12/02/2010 9:57PM
Top 25 Boy and Girl Baby Names for 2010
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