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Tulipmania: An Inspiring Field Of 3 Billion Tulips

From If you didn’t read the title of this article, and if you just glanced at these pictures, what would you think that was? Perhaps a beautiful piece of artwork created by a child? Or maybe a tapestry of colorful fabric? Who would ever guess that is a patch of three billion tulips? Yep, this is where much of the world’s tulips are grown each year. These particular flowers are in Holland, and they will be sent to supermarkets all over the world to be sold. Altogether, Holland produces about nine billion tulips each year, which equates to more than one for each person on the planet. As you can see, tourists often gather around the flowers to inhale the aroma and appreciate this once a year phenomenon. I bet this is an incredible sight to see in person. It is only a short time each year when the colors of the flowers are this vibrant and rich.

05/01/2011 7:06PM
Tulipmania: An Inspiring Field Of 3 Billion Tulips
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