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WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT mat A Woman's Day/AOL survey reveals "what women wish men knew." Among the insights... When women ask, "Does this make me look fat?" they really want to hear: 65% -- his opinion, that's why I asked. 35% -- a resounding "no." (Tell me I'm beautiful no matter what I am wearing.) After a bad day, all women want is: 54% -- for him to give me a hug. 21% -- to have him listen to my problems, without trying to solve them. 18% -- for him to make dinner and put the kids to bed. 7% -- for him to fix me a drink. When women tell their men that they're "fine," what they really mean is: 43% -- "I want to talk about what's bothering me, even if I say I don't." 34% -- "I'm not fine, and no, I don't want to talk about it." 23% -- "I'm good, thanks for asking." When asked what's missing most from their relationship: 35% -- physical intimacy (holding hands, kissing) 27% -- conversation 22% -- time alone 16% -- couldn't ask for a more fulfilling relationship When it comes to their sex lives: 31% -- it's nonexistent 26% -- it's still hot and steamy 25% -- it's great, but doesn't compare with our first years together 18% -- they'd rather crawl in bed with a good book Women want men to help out around the house by: 31% -- taking out the trash 30% -- cooking 23% -- doing laundry 16% -- don't bother, they'd rather do the chores themselves Women think men look most attractive dressed in: 48% -- jeans and T-shirt 20% -- a uniform (firefighter, police officer, military, etc.) 20% -- a business suit 12% -- nothing at all What do women want in a husband? 64% -- would rather be with a man who is poor and attractive than rich and unattractive 54% -- would like a man that makes them laugh 10% -- would like a man who has washboard abs like Matthew McConaughey

07/05/2009 8:19PM
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