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Welcome To The 70's!!!

This past weekend Majic 95.5 debuted out Super Songs of The 70's Weekend!!  If you had a chance to listen I am sure a bit of nostalgia hit you like it did me.  Music and memories go hand in hand, and I had fun reminiscing while listening to the music of the Doobie Brother's , Fleetwood Mac , my all time favorite Barry Manilow and so many more. I am now in a 70's time warp and loving every minute of it!  Here are a few things year by year that happened in the 70's!  Do you remember? 1970:  The World Trade Center is Completed , ABC introduces Monday Night Football and the ill fated Apollo 13 has us glued to our TV sets. 1971:  TV bans cigarette adds, the cell phone battery and floppy disc are invented , and Disney World in Florida opens!! 1972:  Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky, Fed Ex in introduced and George Wallace is shot on the campaign trail. 1973:   Nixon releases the Watergate tapes, Billy Jean beat Bobby Riggs in Tennis and The Sears Tower in Chicago is completed. 1974:  President Nixon resigns, Patty Hearst is abducted, the first pocket calculators become widespread! 1975:  Jimmy Hoffa goes missing, the disposable razor is introduced, and Squeaky Fromme and Sara Jane Moore attempt to assassinate President Ford. 1976:  Apple Computer is launched, Betamax and VHS VCR's are introduced, America celebrates the Bicenntenial. 1977:  Red dye number 2 is banned, The Son of Sam murderer is arrested, The Alaskan Pipeline is completed. 1978:  The Jonestown Massacre, Atlantic City permits gambling, and Garfield the Cat is introduced! 1979:  The Three Mile Island partial meltdown, The Sony Walkman, ESPN and the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin are introduced,  The Shah flees Iran! For more 70's fun check out this website,

03/03/2009 12:41AM
Welcome To The 70's!!!
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