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What Can We Do?

I was sitting at the desk in my office here at the station when the first email alert of Thursday's tragedy at Ft. Hood came across. My initial reactions were the predictable ones: surprise, shock, and horror, not only because it was so close to home, but on a military base, a place I'm sure we all feel is as safe as it gets. Memories of questions about 9/11 also went through my mind. Why did this happen? What can we do to help? The coming days and weeks will most likely answer the question of why, as the authorities piece all the information together. As to the second question... at times like these, many of us feel helpless as to what to do. But there are several things I believe we can do that truly will make a difference. the Red Cross is facilitating what the recovery needs are. Our majic website will have more information on that, so check back often for those details on ways you can help. I also discovered a website that is raising funds for the families of the victims. 100 percent of the proceeds go to helping in the recovery effort. The site is: Finally, pray. I've always believed prayer heals not only our bodies, but our minds. We may never really understand why these tragedies happen, but God will see these families through, along with others at the base who were wounded or witnessed the shootings. I firmly believe that.

11/06/2009 2:50PM
What Can We Do?
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